Survival Apocalypse

Survival Apocalypse

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Survival Apocalypse Maps

Hi Survival Fans! These are almost all the maps of the game,and the 'Desierto de los Muertos' map is the worse map ever!

Garn Harbor: As the very first map, Garn Harbor is shown on the map. It consists of mainly two or three areas: Under the Stairs, The Gun Shop and its area and the Rest. Easily recognizable for the map shows the same thing.Best area for lazy-bones is the Cargo Ship as it has infinite food and water just outside, but it is a good barricade against zombies too. 

Desierto de los Muertos: Meaning “Desert of the Dead”, this map is recognizable from…it’s a greeeeat desert. And so, there are a few building and a HUUGE area around them. Best area for lazy-bones is the gas station, has both food, water, gasoline, scrap metal and stock wood. Wuh. 

Seaside City: Recognizable from having a grocery store, Seaside City is a city near the sea. (Obviously.) Best area for lazy-bones is the grocery store because of the infinite food and drink over there, just make sure you close the door with a gate and burn any ladders that are made to help people come in. NO ONE SHALL ENTER THE MAGNIFICENT STORE BUT YOU. And it has stock wood and scrap metal too! 

Sunset City: Recognizable from looking like Seaside City, BUT IT ISN’T, also having a small shop with gasoline/gas staion with a shop, Sunset City, as mentioned above, is roughly the same color and shape as Seaside City, but it has many different opportunities. Best area for the slothful is the grocery store. 

Port Arthur: Recognizable from starting mainly from a small area with an apartment and a gun shop that is leading to a great area by means of a bridge, this is one of the newer maps made by Arthur258. There is a cargo ship AND a grocery store, so the slothful have a variety of places to settle at. 

Farmers’ Valley: Recognizable from being a great, grassy city with hills and a river not being crossed by anything, Sunset City is a real place to live. Unaffected by the apocalypse’s “concrete-maker” abilities, its grassy land is available to all. Unfortunately, the zombies came here too. Best area for the slothful? The cargo ship and the area near it. Believe me, it is. 

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